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Get Essential Customer Insights.

Get a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. Business Rocket gives you the tools, free to use, to understand the customer journey and improve marketing ROI.

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What You Get

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Unlock customer-centric measurement.

Understand how your customers interact across your sites and apps, throughout their entire lifecycle.

Connect your insights to results.

Take action to optimize marketing performance with integrations across all devices and platforms

Get smarter insights to improve ROI.

Uncover new insights and anticipate future customer actions with Business Rocket AI to get more value out of your data.

Make your data work for you.

Analyze your data and collaborate with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports.

The Most Advance Analytics AI 

Learn from 1000s of websites with the most powerful AI that provides you insights on how to increase leads and sales. If it doesn't you don't pay! 

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Dive Into the Details 

Get a team that understands the importance of data with built-in AI automation, insights and flexible reporting. Cross-platform tracking, and so much more.

Business Rocket AI allows us to look at our data across platforms — web and app — to understand the full journey of our users.

David Y - CEO Alltron Systems  

Business Rocket AI allowed us to to re-engage users and find new users most likely to purchase. The result was an 85% decrease in CPA and 18X conversion rate improvement.

Damian S - Head of Sales Northwest Toyota Dealership

Get Started

Its free to start with free install. We only charge you if we make you $1,000+ in sales 

Got Questions?

Book a call with one of our Data Analytic Experts 

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